COVID-19 Update

Due to the high number of COVID-19 cases across the Carolinas, Stable Sitters will no longer be scheduling services that require home entry. Existing scheduled services will be honored with appropriate precautions taken. We are still accepting outdoor jobs to care for livestock as well as the new line of equestrian specific consulting services for water management and other projects. Thank you for your continued support during this unprecedented time.

Equestrian Services

Consulting, Maintenance, & Management

We specialize in the many issues a barn owner faces such as fence & barn repairs, installing pasture waterlines, pole barn construction, arena management, stable sitting, and much more. Please contact us to discuss your unique needs and to schedule your free on-site consultation. 

Care Services

All services are customizable to meet the individual needs of each pet, therefore a quote will be delivered upon completion of the Initial Consultation and may differ from the rates as listed below.

20-Minute Business Break

$18 per visit

40-Minute Business + Play

$26 per visit

60-Minute Business + Play + Walk

$33 per visit

Horses & Livestock

$25 per visit

Key Taxi – $10

Any transportation of a key, outside of an initial consultation, will result in a Key Taxi charge. Please have a copy available at your consultation to avoid additional charges. 

Emergency Trip – $50

Requests made without notice will result in an Emergency Trip charge. This applies to emergency vet visits or emergency service vists.