Each visit includes a bathroom break, play time, fresh water and food as requested, with a visit summary sent straight to your phone!

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Step 1

Initial Consultation

A free initial consultation is a great chance to meet your team, introduce your pets, and share any unique needs or routines they may have. 

An Initial Consultation is required before scheduling services to ensure we can properly care for your pet with the least amount of stress. Upon completion of the Initial Consultation, you are welcome to schedule services at your convenience.

Please have a spare key available to avoid a $10 key charge upon pick up at a later date.

Step 2


Schedule your favorite sitter by phone or online at your convenience through our client portal.

Our goal is to make scheduling as simple and convenient for you, there’s enough in life to worry about – scheduling your pet sitter shouldn’t add to it! Schedule online using our client portal or give us a call to work out the details.

Step 3


Our services are categorized by length of time to best meet your pet and your wallet’s needs. Choose 20-minute, 40-minute, or 60-minute visits.

We offer pet-sitting and dog-walking to include all domestic and livestock pets. We also offer basic obedience dog training so you can enjoy your polite pup without stressing! 

Each service is concluded with a security double check and a visit summary sent straight to your phone. Our client portal maintains all communication and encourages feedback to ensure we are offering the highest quality service. 

Cancellation Policy

To ensure the quality and promptness of our services, we request that you contact us at least one week before your scheduled services to receive a full refund. 

Services cancelled with 3 days notice receive a 50% refund. 

No refunds will be issued if services are cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled service. 

We understand bizarre things happen, for special circumstances, please contact us directly.