Who are we?

Stable Sitters President Mackenzie Beaucage

Mackenzie Beaucage

Mackenzie wants to live in a world where grey horses stay clean, spiders don’t like barns, and lunch is always grilled cheese.

As a first generation equestrian she faced the usual barriers to entry that stump many horse crazy kids, but she took every opportunity (including biking to the local stable before she could drive) to surround herself with well-educated equine professionals who generously shared their knowledge.

Over the years, Mackenzie has worked for and spent time with professionals across a wide variety of disciplines and specialties including: Natural Horsemanship, Stock Horses, Farriers, Endurance riding, Gaited Horses, Colt-Starters, Dressage, Eventing, and most recently Hunter/Jumpers. She never turns down an opportunity to learn and believes everyone can teach her something.

Mackenzie founded Stable Sitters in 2018 after she realized her local equestrian community had a serious need for consulting and management professionals that specialize in the many issues a barn owner faces such as barn repairs, pasture waterlines, pole barn construction, arena management, stable sitting, and much more. 

Fortunately, Stable Sitters now has great staff with many years of experience across these service lines allowing her the time to develop her own herd while still making valuable contributions to these projects with her staff. 

Euler the Blue


Do you recognize the inspiration for the Stable Sitters’ logo? 

This guy is Mackenzie’s 110 lb blue Doberman Pinscher named after the Mathematician Leonhard Euler. He’s always been a good boy but it became official Nov 2018 when he passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors. 

Don’t let his size fool you, he’s a total snugglebug who loves making new friends and has a weakness for cardboard. He’s not much of a fetcher, but we don’t hold that against him! 

If you see him out and about, he would LOVE to meet you so be sure to say hello!


The Herd